Christian Music

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The Christian Music

The Christian Music, was created with the purpose of expressing adoration, exaltation and gratitude to God because we believe that of him and for him are all the things that exist in the heavens and on earth is God who also takes pleasure in a heart humble and humiliated that praises him with all his heart and seeks him. Its origins come from the psalmódicos chants of the Judaism that they intone until nowadays, which contain passages of the Torah. Something similar happens in Christianity, since Biblical passages are used in which the new testament is also included. which may well express gratitude to God or carry messages of the Christian faith but can also express lived experiences.

The message of salvation and eternal life today is announced and preached to all nations and peoples since God loves everyone and wants them to be saved from all evil and sin. For it is sin that separates us from God and his purpose for our life, but he forgives our offenses if we ask forgiveness and turn away from evil. He is holy and just for that reason he sent his only begotten son Jesus so that every person who believes in him; Do not lose yourself, have eternal life and live from now on in justice, love, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. The invitation that is being made is that today accept the message of salvation and reconciliation in this way be safe and away from all evil and can begin to live in a personal relationship with God on earth and present eternal life. God has promised not to leave us alone, it is he who will guide us on the path of justice, peace and love that he has prepared for those who receive him.